FM Brush - an International Presence

The Autumn Fair International is a massive event, attended by thousands of retailers and manufacturers, pairing together to meet customer's needs.  Buyers from more than 78 countries attend and there are many sectors for all sorts of interests.  This year, the show was held in Birmingham, UK at the beginning of September and attended by FM Brush, from both U.S. and our Thailand factories.  Our wonderful  Shar Sosh was there painting a mannequin and you can catch a glimpse of her work in this video around :40.   

This show encouraged our already large international reach.  Many of you, are loyal fans and blog readers are overseas.  I've seen and heard from more fans in the UK, Germany and South America than any other countries, including the U.S!  And this show allowed us to gain even more exposure to those retailers all over the world so that you can find our brushes closer to home.  We keep our "Where to Buy" page up to date, so check back to find dealers close to you.

Our booth, attended by Fred Mink, Shar Sosh, Abe Grossman and Napat Wongsai

Shar's painted mannequin
For even more info on the Autumn Fair, check out the Hobby, Arts & Crafts sector.  It is one of the newer sectors of the show where FM Brush shared its wares and demonstrated brushes.

Keep Painting!
For more brush information, check out the Dynasty Brush website.