Paint Brush Highlights: Beau Blanc

"Portrait of Cosmo MacKenzie", 30 x 30 cm, oil by Lewis MacKenzie
Lewis MacKenzie, oil and pastel artist, created "Portrait of Cosmo MacKenzie", shown right, using Beau Blanc brushes.  Lewis is an artist working and living in Glasgow, United Kingdom.  His blog is a sketchbook diary of his ongoing work, studies and portraiture classes.  

"Beau Blanc" was the traditional name given to a European superior natural white boar bristle brush; it means "Beautiful White" in french.  A quite suitable name for this brush from Dynasty as it is an elegant, long natural bristle brush created specifically for oil and acrylic painting.  The brushes are comfortable, long handled with triple crimped seamless ferrules for resilience and long wear.  The tufts are interlocked construction of the highest quality chunking bristle.  

Oil painters need brushes that easily hold and blend paint on the canvas, can stand up to the pressures of solvents, and withstand the texture of linen or cotton.  Since natural bristle is known for its capabilities in oils, Dynasty found the best bristles in the world, combined them with the interlocked construction technique and created a superior brush for heavy bodied paints.

Beau Blanc are available in flat, bright, filbert and round shapes.  To see what sizes are available and where to purchase in your area, check out the Dynasty website section on Beau Blanc.

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For more brush information, check out the Dynasty Brush website.