Paint Brush Highlights: Interlock Bronze

My personal Interlock brushes
In my own art, I hadn't known quite the extent of the variety of brush styles and qualities until I went through the stock of Dynasty.  In my recent visit down to the factory, I tried several of the lines that I hadn't yet used in my own painting, feeling from brush to brush the differences they had to offer.  I tried several types of paint, mostly on watercolor paper, and sizes to see what I liked and what "felt" the best in my hand.

Traditionally in using acrylics, I have been using both natural bristle brushes and synthetic sables in my own work.  I glaze a lot, use a lot of mediums, polymer mediums and texture mediums.  So, I like soft brushes that do not leave brush marks in my work.  However, I also use heavy body acrylics, intending to mix the paint on the canvas and I desire strong brush marks, with a flat, stiffer shape.  For this work, I have been using the Interlock Bronze series, mostly flats, but also some rounds.

The Interlock Bronze brushes work extremely well for both acrylic and oil paints, as they are a synthetic blend created to hold up to solvents and additives in these paints, without sacrificing quality in a soft, supple hair.  These brushes are a bit more springy than the Golden Stag series, yet not nearly as soft as the sable brushes.  With the interlock technology, the brushes hold their shape incredibly well and can hold large amounts of fluid.

If you are looking for a better acrylic brush, look no further than the Interlock Bronze.  I can't say enough about how pleasurable and comfortable they are to use in my painting.  

Keep Painting, 

For more brush information, check out the Dynasty Brush website.