Sneak Peek: New Artist Brush Stylus

There are styluses on the market and even a few brushes, but I was able to get in a sneak peek test while I was at the factory on Monday and this brush is AMAZING.

With so many options for digital drawing and painting, and so many tablets, it is time for an artist brush.  The difference between using a synthetic hair brush on a tablet and my fingers is the same as trying to fingerpaint instead of using a brush with oils.  There is no lag or drag with the brush like there is with my finger.  I wouldn't have noticed the finger drag until I picked up the brush and felt how smooth it moved across the screen.  I cannot wait for these to be released in early summer.

The bristles are synthetic ionic, able to hold a small charge like our fingertips so the tablet or phone screen responds.  What makes the Dynasty brush stylus unique is that it is retractable to protect the brush when not in use, and attractive to boot! 

So far, I've only tried the brush on a few standard applications on the iPad, but I'll be downloading a few more drawing applications this weekend.  With the ability to print out my work and then create mixed media works, what more could I want as an artist and art material fan?  So tell me, what are your favorite drawing applications?  

Keep Painting, 

For more brush information, check out the Dynasty Brush website.


  1. This is a stupid idea.

  2. It isn't a tool for everyone; I can say that, but neither is any brush or art material. However, there is a digital market and it is growing, and we have found many artists interested in trying new products, ones that might expand their art in unique ways.

  3. Glad to see FM Brush jump into the market with this new stylus brush.


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