Paint Brush Highlights: the Fandango

Dynasty has several patented brushes as well as patents pending on several brushes.  You can see many of these unique designs already in this blog or on the website as well as video demonstrations by artists if you aren't already familiar with the Black Gold Specialty brushes.

Most of the patents are in the designs of Black Gold brushes, including the Fandango, which means "go & dance".  The Fandango is an incredibly soft oval shaped fan brush.  It is extremely light and almost feathery in weight, making it ideal for blending, hair or fur details, or foliage. It can create sharp, wispy lines and still holds a lot of fluid, considering there are layers of hairs to create the tuft.

To see a demonstration of this brush and learn more about it, check out Jill Fitzhenry's video demonstration below:

Keep Painting, 

For more brush information, check out the Dynasty Brush website.