Artist Spotlight: Colette Pitcher

Hollyhock Bee
It is said that an artist must only do one subject in one style and media to be recognized.  The Renaissance masters did not understand that and neither do I.  The world is too full of wonderful things to only choose one item and do it over and over – how dull! ~Colette Pitcher

Colorado artist Colette Pitcher is one of those artists that can just about do it all.  Not only is she proficient in both acrylic and watercolor, but she has written books on both, "Watercolor for Dummies" and "Acrylics for Dummies", produced how-to videos, teaches ongoing workshops on both, and started the "Showcase Art Center" in Greeley, Colorado with art classes, galleries and supplies.  Not to mention she finds time to paint and creates life size bronze sculpture with her husband, putting in an installation in New York this month for a memorial of 9-11 on Long Island. 

Colette began her work out of college as a professional artist, working as a graphic designer, but gradually transitioned into her own businesses.  She chose watercolor as her preferred medium because of its unique challenges.  "It takes time to master," she says.  Colette leans towards the Watercolor Medley series from Dynasty for her work, because the brushes have a quality point, plenty of spring and a large belly for holding the fluid needed in watercolor.  She can accomplish both the fine details and large washes with a number 12, for example.  Within the Watercolor Medley, there are several brush hairs to choose from, so an artist can have a preference as to what works better for their style.

For students just starting out, as Colette explains in her books and videos, she recommends a round, script liners and a 1/2" flat.  But, she also says that an artist should have plenty to choose from, so that the art represents the subject rather than looking specifically as though it is just a painting created with single flat brush.  Art is better when the artist chooses better materials.

In fact, Colette teaches that very principle in her workshops.  "An easy way to improve your skill level is to purchase better materials; move up from student grade to professional grade.  You never want to use materials that will frustrate you into giving up art," she explains.

Later this month, Colette is flying to New York for the unveiling of a bronze sculpture, "Every Day a Hero" that she and her husband designed and built for remembering the first to respond on 9-11.  You can read more about the sculpture and see videos of it being built here:

To see more of Colette's work, find out about her book or check out her videos, refer to her home website: or

Keep Painting, 

For more brush information, check out the Dynasty Brush website.