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I started this blog with Dynasty to keep you artists and art material collectors in the know on good brushes and the differences in the brushes that Dynasty offers.  In light of that, I've shared some brush tips and artists' tips on using brushes.  But, no artist lives by the brush alone!  Knowing what other good materials are out there and understanding how they work, how they are made and who makes them is important in creating great fine art.

So, I thought I'd share with you some of the other art material blogs that I follow.  This list is definitely not comprehensive and I'll add to it as blogs are created and come to my attention.  If you have a favorite art blog, please let us know!

Utrecht is both a manufacturer of art materials and a retailer, with stores located all over the United States.  Matthew Kinsey was one of our featured artists a few weeks back, working at Utrecht as their technical resource guru and material expert.

Strathmore Drawing papers
Gamblin -- (technically a newsletter)
Gamblin Artist Colors makes high quality oil paints, mediums and inks for artists.  Scott Gellatly, a featured artist here on Dynasty, is the Product Manager at Gamblin and author, sharing current Gamblin events, competitions and artists using their products in the online newsletter.

Primarily a paper manufacturer of all types of artist papers, including Bristol, Drawing, Sketching and Watercolor.  William Rose has work featured on some of their 400 series pads.  Their blog features workshops, technical information and product details.

Selection of colors from Williamsburg Oils
Small oil paint company producing high quality oil paints.  This blog is written by oil paint technical expert and artist, Sarah Sands.  She shares pigment and technical information about the paint as well as takes questions on the blog.

Colored pencil and pastel manufacturer of quality, soft lead pencils and blenders.  This blog is about artists and the materials they use.
Small company selling traditional painting and drawing supplies, paints and pigments.  George O'Hanlon writes both of the blogs on both pigment history, use and painting techniques. 
A new blog from Michael Skalka, about the history of pigments and the use in historical art from both an artist's and conservator's perspective.

Ampersand Art Supply produces high quality art panels with a range of surfaces; this blog features artists using those products as well as tips on how to work on panel.  Andrea Pramuk, a featured artist, is the marketing director there, and I am also the primary author there. ;)

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