Time to hear from you!

some of my brushes
I've been posting now for four months about brushes, artists and the Dynasty lines.  I have been able to get to know a few of you through comments here and on our social media channels, and I've looked over many of your websites and blogs to get to know you better.  However, I certainly don't know you and your art as well as I'd like.

I would like to open the door for you to post here and link to your site so I can see your work and ask or share your thoughts on brushes, all kinds.  In the upcoming months I will be looking for new artists to feature here, write to me so I know you're out there!

Recently, we've added Artist pages on the Dynasty website, linking to all of the artists currently partnered with Dynasty, using the brushes and teaching others.  I will be featuring some of these artists in upcoming posts and linking to projects that they have created.  I have also added a "Featured Artists" link at the top of the blog so that you can always find a list of those artists that are here on the site and a few upcoming. 

Squared, acrylic 2009, one of my pieces
Am I covering the brush basics for you?  There is a long way to go in talking brushes, Zora Pinney could have attested to that as well as Abe Grossman, who has been in the brush business for 60+ years.  So, I have lots more to share with you about the technical side of brushes.  But is there something in particular you'd like to know?  Send me a comment or question, so I know what is on your mind.

Lastly, you may also be wondering what makes me qualified to write such a blog or how I've met the artists on here that I've interviewed.  Certainly you can read about my start here at Dynasty, but feel free to post questions about me and the artists mentioned here as well.  Many of these artists are easy to reach through their own webpages, but you can certainly write to me if you are looking to touch base with any of them.

Basically --It is time to hear from you!

Keep Painting,