Paint Brush Highlights: Ink, Pastel and Chalk

IPC series
Besides touring the factory and creating some brush videos, I was able to sample loads of brushes at FM when I visited this week.  One of the series I tried for the first time was the IPC, or Ink, Pastel and Chalk series.  This series is unique for many reasons.  

First, there are several types of tufts, hairs, or even sponges in the series, as well as several sizes of those types of tufts.  For your personal preference and style, the brushes can be interchanged for blending, layering, softening or detailing.  Although I'm not normally a pastel artist, I found these blending tools so appealing that I started thinking of working in charcoal again.  The angle bristle fan would also work quite well with oil pastel or oil bar, as well as the fine tipped pointed blenders.  The deer foot blenders are soft mongolian sable hair, working well with the light pigments in soft pastels and the large goat hair could work as an overall mop blender. There are three sizes each of the pointed blenders and the oval blenders, created from a soft blend of synthetic fibers, similar to a fine sable.  Good for removing pigment or creating soft highlights are the foam ovals and small detailers. 

These tools are great for those who want to touch up work and keep their fingers clean, too.  The possibilities for using blending tools are limitless, especially for mixed media work, dry brushing, watercolor pencils or ink pencils.  Pick up a few and share with us how you're using them.  If you need to find a place to purchase near you, check out Where to Buy on our website.

Keep Painting, 

For more brush information, check out the Dynasty Brush website.