Artist Spotlight: Matthew Kinsey

Seated Figure with Wine Glass, oil on canvas, 2011
Matthew Kinsey is a realist painter specializing in still lifes and figurative work.  His pieces have graced numerous private collections and shows across the continent, garnering commissions along the way.

With over 20 years of painting, study, and art material research to his credit, Matthew Kinsey became the principle representative behind  the "Ask the Experts" program at Utrecht Art Supplies when it began.  He has been a technical Q&A guru with Utrecht, one of Dynasty's many fabulous dealers, since 2004.  He is continuing to keep his knowledge base deep by studying conservation, paint chemistry, and toxicology reports.  Matthew's work with Utrecht is a broad range of material insight designed to help artists get a grasp on the tools they are using and get to know what other materials could advance their art.

In light of that, Matthew shares his thoughts on brushes.   Since Matthew works in oils, he prefers the stiff bristles of hog hair.  His soft touch in his work comes from using filberts, which tend not to have the hard lines that flats or brights might leave in a painting.  Using a synthetic rigger for details and fluid applications, Matthew controls the paint more carefully to finish a piece.  As Matthew portrays in his own style, he recommends to new artists to use large brushes for good coverage, loading the bristles with color so that there is less wear on the brush and smoother strokes on the painting.  He suggests purchasing the best brushes one can afford and many in each favorite size, and he is a stickler for oil soaps for cleaning.
Still life with Pomegranates, oil on canvas, 2011
With Matthew's extensive work as both an artist and technical expert, he has sage advice for new artists.  "Understand the difference between taking criticism personally and taking it seriously.  It's impossible not to be effected emotionally by rejection and criticism, but don't let disappointment keep you from benefiting from the experience." 

To get to know Matthew's work even better, visit his website:

Keep Painting, 

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