Dynasty Duets: Fine Art Brush Demonstration

Full Line of Duets
Back in January, Dynasty came out with two new brush lines, available at select Michaels Stores.  I have shared a few posts with you on the Palmer line, a brush that I personally love for its comfort and size.   Today, I wanted to share more about the Duets brushes.  These are incredibly unique, dual ended brushes.

The brushes come in a range of shapes for different uses as you can see here.  Each brush tuft is made from synthetic hairs, sometimes a combination, and each line within the line has been created for specific mediums.  The Tango, with its longer hairs is ideal for watercolor, silk painting or even pastel. 
The Fox Trot works well with heavier bodied paints like oils and acrylics, but can do watercolor, too.  The Salsa is the most versatile with options for patented Dynasty tufts, like the Fountain or the whales' tail. 

Shar Sosh has demonstrated a few projects for Dynasty, and travels often to trade shows to showcase these brushes live.  Here she shares how the Duets can enhance your work as an artist. 

For more information and videos specifically on the Duets line, visit the Dynasty website: dynastybrush.com/duets

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For more brush information, check out the Dynasty Brush website.


  1. Now these are really neat brushes. Being a teacher and keeping the price down for my students, I have had them buy the eye of the tiger so they would have a nice range of sizes to paint with at very little cost.The duets would give them choices to apply different stroke work to their projects as well.I'll have to buy a set and hope I win so I can demo for the classes.

  2. Let us know what you think, Marilyn after trying them. What types of classes do you teach?


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