National Art Education Association Convention

Shar Sosh painting a mannequin using the Palmer
The National Art Education Association holds an annual convention every spring to bring together educators, artists and material manufacturers to develop visual arts programs in American public schools.  It is a four day convention with workshops, exhibits, seminars, discussions, keynote addresses and a huge exhibition hall with the newest and best supplies available in the industry.

This years show was attended by over 6300 art Educators from all over the USA.  Dynasty attended the show with staff from the Glendale office as well as artist Shar Sosh to demonstrate brushes and paint with artists attending the convention. 

According to Jeff Mink, Vice President of Operations and Chief Innovator, "It was a great opportunity to meet the educators 'first hand' and I must say we received compliment after compliment over the integrity of the Dynasty brush products."  Jeff spoke with hundreds of these artists and reinforced "our very real commitment to provide students with products that perform well and make it easy for them to achieve rewarding results.  They agreed and understood that usually, the cheap poorly made brush is often the most costly, because it does not last and needs to be replaced frequently.  And worse, can result in a poor experience for the student and we lose a young artist…..forever," explains Jeff. 

Dynasty understands how budgets are tight in this economy yet, artists and educators alike do not want poor quality for their work and their students.  Getting good materials into the hands of young artists is incredibly important, because that is where art habits begin.  Students will take away from their instructors the ideals on how to choose good materials and how to take care of them. 

At this show, Dynasty introduced the Black Bristle wave brushes for the educational market and handed out over 2000 assorted brushes.  Shar Sosh demonstrated these brushes as well as the Palmers in the mannequin she was painting.  She shared her techniques and invited many artists to paint along with her. 

To read more about the NAEA and its events, resources, grants and information for educators, check out their website:

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