Fine Art Brush Tips: Brush Selecting

Blick has put out quite a lot of information on brush types, hair types and choosing the right brush for the right medium.  It can be a challenge with so many brushes out there to know which brush is right to use for which medium and which brushes are best for the type of painting you want to accomplish.  In the above video, you can learn more about choosing the right brushes for your painting style.

For more detailed information on brush selection and hair types, you can download their brush charts and see the different tuft shapes on their website:  Learn Brushes

Dynasty has brushes for all types of mediums, painting styles and budgets.  To learn more about the differences between the Dynasty brushes and the fine nuances of the Black Gold series, check out my previous post:  Dynasty or Black Gold?

Keep Painting, 

For more brush information, check out the Dynasty Brush website.