Artist Spotlight: William Rose

“My desire with oil is to create and define with paint rather than simply brushing pigment between the lines.” ~William Rose

Look for the Girl with the Sun in Her Eyes  60" x 40"
William Rose is quickly becoming one of the hottest figurative artists in the country. Coming from an IT background, Rose discovered his hidden talent one day while borrowing his daughter's sketchpad.  He has been a photographer for years, so his natural eye for design and detail came to the forefront when he began to sketch some of the athlete's he coached at the time.  Soon athletes' parents and friends began asking for portraits of their family members and Rose began giving more and more time to his new found craft.

Once he began drawing, he moved from pencil to charcoal easily, finding the softer pigment suited his style and movements.  Though hesitant to move into painting, Rose was determined to work painting into his repertoire and found that oils gave his work another dimension; and gave him the ability to loosen his style and develop as an artist.

Rose chooses his materials the same way he paints and draws, with intuition.  He'll pick up a brush to determine if it feels right, so sometimes this means he'll work in bristle brushes and sometimes in synthetics.  In order to keep his style loose and not get carried away with details, Rose finds that sticking to flat brushes, larger than 1/4", usually 1/2" or 3/4", keep him freer. He even uses the edges and "points" of the larger flat brushes for fine lines and face details.  

All Down the Line 72' x 48"
With a career boost from American Artist in 2008, Rose won the cover competition for Drawing Magazine, putting him the spotlight in the art world, and drawing attention from Hollywood.  He was asked to draw for a film, produced by Clint Eastwood, about a young teen prodigy drawn into the world of forgery; "Carmel" will hit theatres this summer.  Rose was also approached by Strathmore, a well-known paper manufacturer and distributor, to design a cover for their 400 series drawing paper.  It certainly has paid off for Rose to put his name and work out there as an artist; and it is one strong piece of advice that Rose has offered to artists -- market yourself.  

To see more of Willam Rose's work, check out his website: or the Artichoke Gallery.

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