Artist Spotlight: Shar Sosh

Landscape in the Spring
“I paint everything, and I see everything as a painting.” 
~Shar Sosh

 Shar Sosh, the Internationally recognized artist, has painted for Presidents, Governments and the everyday person.  She was invited to paint at the U.S. Presidential Millennium Inaugural Ball as well as to paint part of the oldest, most well-known Montmarte subway station in Paris. Shar's canvas is anywhere she chooses, or anywhere her client's  offer her space.  Just last week, she was finishing some touches on a work on a yacht, and shortly thereafter, she attended the NAEA show in NYC and painted on a mannequin, demonstrating the Black Silver line of brushes from Dynasty.
 Shar has been painting for as long as she can remember.   The orange X-ray paper her father used to bring home for her to use and the open encouragement from her mother led Shar's path to endless hours of painting on everything and anything.  “I was fortunate that my parents were extremely supportive of me and whatever I wanted to do, and what I wanted to do was paint,” she recalls.

Mannequin at NAEA, March 20
For the nearly two decades since she finished her studies at the Art Institute of Chicago, Sosh has been busily following her muse all over the world. Even though Shar has always painted, she began working in a commercial ad agency before traveling the world sourcing art materials, designing materials, and working as a mentor to artists.  She splits her painting time between America and her studio in the artist quarter in Montmartre, Paris, exhibiting and selling her art internationally. 

As variable as her surface and as extensive as her clientele, Shar believes that the tools make her work what it is. She has been using Dynasty brushes for 20 years and says that even to this day she carries a specific brush with her at all times and gets panicky if she can't find it.  In particular, she loves the new Faux Kolinsky line, the Faux Squirrel line and the new Palmers.  Palmers, she says are the work horses for artists, because they can cover all the bases for any style of art, murals, sculpture, faux work or fine art.  They are easy to work with, providing a lot of control and less fatigue for the artist because of the handle design. The brushes also call to mixed media work, acrylics and anyone in need of laying in gesso or varnishing.  The brushes are buoyant and springy, hold their shape, and clean easily.  She explains that an artist can even make a straight line with it because of the chiseled edge.  "Once you have it, you won't be able to live without it, " Shar exclaims.

Taking care of one's materials is just as important as choosing the right ones for the job.  Shar recommends cleaning with a mild detergent, like shampoo or dish detergent after use, or using a good quality fine art brush soap.  Good cleaning will preserve a brush for years, making the investment in good quality worth the while.

3 Boats, oil on canvas
When Shar is not painting or traveling the world exhibiting her work and finding good materials, she can be found working with Dynasty and sharing her knowledge about good art materials.  We'll touch base with Shar about the NAEA show and upcoming events.

To see more of Shar's work, read her bio, purchase her work or discuss commissions, visit her website.

Keep Painting, Karyn

For more brush information, check out the Dynasty Brush website.