Paint Brush Highlights: Black Gold or Dynasty?

the Fandango
If you're new to Dynasty brushes, made by FM Brush, you might be overwhelmed with the selection they have to offer, wondering how to choose what brushes will work for your medium and style.   Although digital media has brought us a long way from catalogues, it is quite hard to get the feel for a brush browsing online.  So, I thought I'd give you the low down on the Dynasty brush series as best I can in just one post.

There are two parent lines:  Black Gold and Dynasty. 

Black Gold, is a name that brings to mind high quality, the best quality actually.  The Black Gold line is the professional brush line from Dynasty for all mediums.  The brushes are specifically created with a combination of synthetic hairs for the finest precision, fluid well and medium control.  They come in flats, rounds, brights, filbers and shaders for the fine artist and a range of speciality shapes for decorative arts, hobbyists or even fine artists who want a change.  These specialty shapes include the Butterfly brush, which I've mentioned before, the wave brush, the wave angle and the wave filbert, the Whale's tail, the Fandango and the Fountain.  These unique shapes are patented by Dynasty, and can be found in the Black Gold line and now some in the Palmer and Duet lines. 
Watercolor Medley

The Dynasty lines of brushes range from professional to student grade.  Some are natural bristle or hair and others are synthetics.  Each brush series is made for a particular medium or use, taking into consideration the light weight of watercolor or the heavy bodied oils and acrylics.  There is even a particular line just for inks, chalks and pastels, including foam heads or angled tufts.  

Besides the natural hair of Mongolian or Kolinsky sable, there is also a faux sable, a faux Kolinsky, the only one of its kind on the market, and the faux squirrel, a delightfully soft, supple brush with an amazing ability to hold its shape.  Each synthetic brush created by Dynasty has been designed with the natural hair in mind, replicating the best features of each type of hair, protecting animals and the environment in the design.

Dynasty also creates a range of synthetics like the Orange Ice--large rounds, or the Watercolor Medley just for watercolorists.  Black Silver is another line that would work for watercolorists and then the Micron line for fine detail work.

Chunking Bristle
There are also several types of white Chunking bristle, Interboro or Beau Blanc to choose from for heavy bodied mediums. Interlock Bronze and Golden Stag would also be excellent synthetic choices for heavy bodied paints, both coming in a range of tuft shapes and sizes.

I cannot forge to mention that Dynasty has a range of Educational brushes and sets for teachers, too, including Taklon brushes, bristle brushes for tempera and camel hair brushes for lacquer work.

As you can see, the Dynasty line is vast, covering the needs and desires of any artist.  If you have questions on the lines above, please ask!  I'll share what I know and find out the answers if I don't.

You can see images and information on the whole Dynasty brush line at the website:

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