Artist Spotlight: John Ross Palmer

Piece from the Escapism Series
"Art, for me, is a healing process.  Just as the healing process is not easy, neither is true appreciation of abstract art.  I call my style of work Escapism.  It is created and seeks to assist both me and the collector to leave behind life’s challenges, to enjoy the now and rejoice in the blessings you have.   I want the viewer to get lost in my art—just as I do.  Escapism is not only my art style, it is also the name given to my life mission of destroying the stereotype of the struggling artist.  Through talent and hard work, artists can thrive and achieve financial success."  ~John Ross Palmer

John Ross Palmer, a Houston artist with his own gallery, and an uncanny knack for business is thriving to say the least.  He is thriving as an artist, author, mentor and founder of the Escapism movement in art.  John began painting to work through the grieving process of losing his father suddenly in 1998.  At that time, he had no idea that he would be so successful and have such a full career.  
John originally began working in acrylics, but has incorporated everything into his art, from enamel, wood, metal and neon.  He also uses egg tempera, which is rare as an abstract artist.  But, it is apparent that John believes in creating art based on the need of the venue and his need of expression, so the right materials for each project will differ from the last.

His work requires high quality tools, too, not only for the size that John works in, but also for the pressure he puts on his equipment.  "I put a tremendous amount of pressure on the base (canvas or wood).  I cannot paint on pre-stretched canvas because of the strength behind each brushstroke might bust the canvas.  My brushstrokes, in their strength, reveal the confidence I have in creating each of my pieces,"  explains John.  It is clear that he requires tough brushes, made for expressing his powerful strokes.

He says that having a first class brush is paramount to the success of the project.  For new artists, John recommends trying out a range of brushes, and not fearing changing brushes depending on the project or scale.  He also recommends consulting other artists and mentors and ask for their advice on materials.  

Mural work in progress
To see more of John's work, his videos, and to learn about the Escapist Mentor-ship program, log on to his website at

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