Art Material Conventions

This winter Dynasty went to a few trade shows, among them Creativeworld, formerly known as Paperworld in Frankfurt, Germany.
Creativeworld booth in Frankfurt, Germany
Creativeworld is held for four days in Germany every year and largely attended by industry professionals from all over the world.  To give you an idea of the scale of the show, think ten exhibition halls!  Distributors and retailers "shop" the exhibition looking for products to sell.  The booths are all kinds of paper, craft and fine art products as well as office supplies.  FM Brush has been attending now for 14 years. 

Dynasty's leaders attended Creativeworld, you can learn more about the family and their roles on the Leadership page.  And, I'll share a bit more about them in the upcoming months, a family oriented business, truly. 

Sitting in the back of this photo below is Abe Grossman, the managing director of FM Brush, Thailand, and he has an amazing resume of brush experience spanning over 60 years. 
Black Silver Assortments, the 4900a, which is a new decorative painting line, and the Faux Kolinsky display in front.
At this show in particular, Dynasty shared its new brush, the Faux Kolinsky as well as a new line added to the Black Silver series, the 4900a.  The Faux Kolinsky has completed the series of synthetic hair brushes, being the final brush that replicates all of the major fine hairs used in painting.

Dynasty's participation at these shows keeps the company current on what artists are using, what they need and what other companies are putting out there so they can collaborate and expand. It also gives Dynasty the chance to get more brushes into the stores that are selling to you, the fine artist. 

If you have a question about where to purchase Dynasty Brushes, please ask or check out the Purchasing page on our website:  Where to Buy

Keep Painting, 

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