Paint Brush Highlights: Faux Kolinsky

Faux Kolinsky Red Sable on seamless nickel ferrules with long black albata dipped handles.
One of the most popular and well known natural brushes for artists is the Kolinsky sable.  It is made from the tail hairs of a weasel found in Siberia, where the tails grow thick and long, producing lush tapered hairs that hold a lot of fluid when wet.  Because of the brushes' popularity, and because Dynasty is always looking for ways to create better brushes that are easier on the environment, last year Dynasty revealed its Faux Kolinsky Brush.

With a year in development to find the perfect blend of synthetics, FM Brush, the parent company of Dynasty, released this faux Kolinsky series.  It is a brush that recreates the attributes of the Siberian Sable brushes, and yet is a socially responsible alternative to animal hair.  This brush has been fine tuned to replicate the performance of the Kolinsky, with special attention paid to the tip in order to mimic the generous reservoir of the natural brush.  It is available in the round sizes from 3/0 to 16, and can be purchased from the distributors who carry Dynasty Brushes.  If you need to find one of those distributors in your area, use the Search page on the Dynasty website.

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