How to paint using the patented Butterfly Brush

Chris Haughey shares the unique features of the Butterfly brush; a soft dual part brush that offers textures and strokes unlike any other fine art brush.  Dynasty has created this uniquely for decorative painting, whether on furniture or fabric.  However, the Butterfly brush could also be used in fine art for landscape textures or soft watercolor strokes.  For more details on the Butterfly brush or for other videos demonstrating the Butterfly, refer to the website.

To find out more about Chris and her work, check out our Featured Artists' section on our website.

Black Gold has a series of specialty brushes, like the Butterfly Brush featured in this video above.   To see more specialty brushes and learn about their uses, keep following the blog. ;)  And, check out this previous post on the Black Gold Specialty Series.

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For more brush information, check out the Dynasty Brush website.