Artist Spotlight: Ulysses Jackson

Untitled, 12" x 12" acrylic on canvas, 2010
Ulysses is one of those artists that has always been surrounded by art, growing up with two artist parents and getting into the studio early.  He remembers using one of his father's shirts for a smock and exhibiting as a child.  So it is no wonder that Ulysses has been showing his work extensively since college and honing his skills in the acrylic medium, his preferred choice for many years.

Although Ulysses technique involves a number of tools and methods to create the layers he applies, he uses brushes for the fine details and glazes that can hold up to "abuse and not lose hairs."  He has a unique method of carving his paintings to create depth, and painting washes in carved out areas, leaving sharp edges with otherwise soft washes of color.

Ulysses leans towards high quality synthetic brushes that can hold their shape well and not fray or warp over time.  Recently, Ulysses came upon the Faux Squirrel series from Dynasty and says that the soft synthetic works well for his process and has a wonderful price point for his budget, a good thing for any artist.

"Phoenix", 60" x 48" acrylic on canvas, 2009
Ulysses recommends for a beginning artist to start a brush collection with rounds and filberts of primarily larger sizes, and not necessarily use many small brushes as they can "limit gestural accidents that may offer discoveries."  It is an interesting and insightful concept that a brush can lead to creating work and opening new technique doors if the painter will let the tool lead the way.

To see more of Ulysses' work, refer to his website:

Keep Painting,

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