Artist Spotlight: Christine Mercer-Vernon

Skull: horse, 19" x 25" charcoal on mounted paper
Christine Mercer-Vernon works in several mediums and has over the years evolved her process and her materials due to her subject matter.  Currently she works in oils, but also draws quite a bit with charcoal.  She finds oils to meet the depth and level of realism she likes to attain in her pieces, especially as they are a forgiving medium allowing the artist to rework the paint. 

For many artists, their brush collections are endless, they choose the right brush for the right moment on the canvas.  Christine feels similar about her collection, which are stored in a glass vase near her work space for ease.  She primarily uses soft red sables over bristles, because of the feel against the panels she uses.  Sometimes the underpainting is done with a bristle and then the sable is turned to for the control it offers in her technique.  Christine says that in this year, however, she has begun to try other animal hair brushes.
Bone, 16" x 20" oil on panel mounted on birch
"Each brush has something to offer an artist, as even those that seem worn out can be frayed to smooth out strokes or blend egdes," Christine says.  She keeps the worn down brushes to work small or large areas in this manner of blending so that her work stays soft. 

Christine's advice for brush buyers is to experiment with a variety of brush types and hairs that are less expensive to determine the style that handles well for that medium.  Then, invest in more pricey brushes that will perform better.  Ask other artists about their working methods and brush techniques as well. 

Christine's partial brush collection
You can find Christine online quite a bit as she works in the wee hours as a graphic designer, but to get to know her work better, visit her website or her blog

Keep Painting!

For more brush information, check out the Dynasty Brush website.


  1. I love her work and appreciate you featuring her.

  2. Thank you A.Decker; she is just as lovely a person as her work. Glad you have visited our blog!


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