Dynasty Brush: A look inside the company

the manufacturing headquarters in Queens, New York
     Dynasty Brush is a division of a larger brush company called FM Brush, started in 1929 by Frederick Mink, located in Queens, New York. They make a range of brushes, about 17, 000 styles and distribute them globally.  For artists, Dynasty brushes are created for different mediums as well as skill levels and interests, including brushes from both synthetic and natural hair. 
      To see the scope of their range, you can visit these earlier blog posts:
     Dynasty creates brushes for a range of skill levels and budgets.  Some artists starting out may need to experiment with a lot of brush types to find the ones most useful for their practice. 
     So over the upcoming months, I will talk further about the differences between synthetic and natural bristle brushes, what each type has to offer the artist as well as the different styles of brushes and how they can be used in various media.  I will discuss the differences between the Dynasty brushes and their uses in fine art as well as talk to artists that use these brushes and see how their art takes shape.

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