Black Gold by Dynasty Specialty Brushes

The Black Gold by Dynasty Specialty Brush Series consist of a unique set of brushes which have domestic and international patents.  Our Black Gold Specialty brush series include:

The patented Black Gold Wave Series - Wave, Wave Angles, Wave Filberts and Wave Chisel Blender brushes.

The patented Black Gold Whale's Tail Series includes sizes 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 1.  The Black Gold® Whale's Tail brush is identified by "V" shaped bristles.  This is a versatile brush for painting pine and palm trees, flowers, and leaves.

The Black Gold By Dynasty Butterfly Series consists of 5 brushes.  Black Gold® Butterfly® brushes create fantastic effects and delicate patterns easily.

The Black Gold by Dynasty Fandango Series allows you to create multiple wispy lines in just one brush stroke.  These wispy lines look so natural because they vary within each stroke.

The Black Gold by Dynasty Fountain brush hairs are made with a ring fashion with an open center. The Fountain brush quickly stipples foliage; or you can use it for fur or hair. It also paints grasses and floral filler.

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