Black Gold by Dynasty Brush Sets

Choose from 16 different sets which will allow you to experience a variety of brushes within each brush set.

Black Gold by Dynasty's brushes represent premium quality artist paint brushes which are designed to satisfy increased consumer demand for a higher level of performance. We have developed an open stock program which makes superb quality brushes easy to stock on permanent displays.

Our hand-crafted Black Gold brushes are as distinctive looking as they are unique in their professional performance characteristics. The Black Gold brush series can be immediately identified by their regal black ferrules and two-tone varnished handles. All brushes are hand-crafted, kiln dried and offer "seamless" metal ferrules to provide safe, long lasting, water resistant beauty.

Our Black Gold brushes possess the intangible features and performance capabilities discriminating fine artists demand and expect. To ensure authenticity, look for the Black Gold imprint on the handle.

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