Friday, February 21, 2020

*GIVEAWAY* Art Journaling with Dynasty Artist Tracy Weinzapfel

Art journaling is a becoming a popular way to keep creative and practice self-care. We recently asked Dynasty Artist Tracy Weinzapfel for some insight about her approach to art journaling and she was lovely enough to share her knowledge here. Keep reading to learn more about how to start your own journaling journey and how to enter our very special contest!

Artist Tracy Weinzapfel

All photos here appear courtesy of the artist.

How long have you being making art?  
"I have been making some sort of art since I could hold a crayon. I was content to be coloring all day. I wanted to pursue Art or Architectures but earned a Bachelor's Degree in Building Construction Management from Michigan State.  My parents encouraged me to get a degree to fall back on and then pursue my passion which I am glad they did!"
What led you to art journaling and what do you get out of it?  
"I have done all sorts of art mediums including canvas, wine barrels, wood, paper and more. I worked for DecoArt and got lots of fun experience in many different mediums. I took some much needed time off to step back in my life a couple of years ago to regroup. Life has presented some stumbles and I needed that time to focus on my family and home life.  During that time I picked back up my art journal as a means to just express myself and formed a morning meditation of sorts to focus and rest my mind from life. I discovered how important that time was and started to share the art from that time and in my journals. The response was amazing and I realized I needed to express this creative side of myself again. It is a safe place to share my ups and downs and find the good in every day…even/especially during the tough times." 
Examples of Tracy's journaling
What are your favorite tools/supplies for art journaling?  
"My favorite tools are all about keeping it simple and portable. I carry an art journal at all times and like to have one that is travel sized so I can even pull it out in the car or in doctor's waiting rooms. I love basic portable watercolors along with my Dynasty brushes. One final favorite tool are basic black Sharpies. I like to share that basic tools will work and finding the right tool for the job makes the job a ton easier!"

Any advice for someone who wants to try art journaling? What do they need to know? 
"I share my Five Keys to Art Journaling here where I give all the basics to get started. You do not need to know how to draw or paint so do not let that stop you. I teach many shortcuts for those who "cannot draw a stick figure" (which always makes me laugh because how often do you want to draw a stick figure?) If you love colorful things, like to be creative, or want to delve into putting yourself and your emotions in a journal than art journaling is a great place to start. The great thing about art journals is they are great starting places to practice and learn what inspires you. I am inspired by nature and flowers so that has been a tool for me to learn about local plants and succulents. You are not locked into that art journal and can take your art to larger mediums like wine barrels, furniture, clothing and more!"

Other news from Tracy:
"I have an awesome 2 hour LIVE workshop on Facebook on February 29th called Leap into Art Journaling. This is a two hour workshop in a Private Facebook Group where I will breakdown an art journal page from start to finish!  It is a great opportunity and only requires a few basic tools that you probably already have! Plus it comes with a free template/pattern for those who are not ready to diving into drawing. I am going to hold your hand and break it down into bite sized pieces for you to complete an art journal page. It can be viewed LIVE with active chat/participation and/or can be viewed later so you do not need to be there. It is only $19 and you can get your seat here.  

I also have a membership group called Your Artful Journey:  This is for members only where monthly you get:
  • Monthly Art Classes
  • Monthly Art Challenges and Prompts
  • Monthly FB LIVES "Wine with Wein" - exclusive access to Tracy for Q & A
  • Private Facebook Community
  • ...and so much love and support! We can't wait to see you inside!
To get on the waitlist: You will be notified of all events including free ones coming your way.  
For more information please join me on Facebook:  Every Wednesday I am on Facebook LIVE from my Studio at 5:30 pm (PST). I have different topics every week to inspire you to be creative in all you do!"

Now for our very special contest! One lucky artist will win a seat in Tracy's 2 hour workshop Leap Into Art Journaling *and* a special prize pack of Dynasty brushes!

Here is how to enter (it is a two part process):
1. Leave a blog comment below and...
2. "Like" Tracy's Facebook page Art Journaling with Tracy Weinzapfel

You must complete both entry steps to be entered in the giveaway. The contest will end Thursday, February 27, 2020 at 6:00pm EST. Good luck! 

Friday, February 7, 2020

Meet Water Lily!

Meet Water Lily, our newest collection of watercolor brushes!

The Water Lily line is both sustainable and cruelty-free. The special array of techno-synthetic fibers hold a large amount of pigment while allowing a controlled release of paint onto your prepped painting surface. A coral-colored wooden handle provides a comfortable grip and the right amount of spring. The brush tips are crisp and offer a smooth snap. These are a must-have for art journalers and those of you who paint with watercolors and/or inks.