Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Fred Mink: Lifetime Acheivement at NAMTA

FM Brush booth at NAMTA in Orlando, 2012
"The International Art Materials Association’s mission is to provide its art/creative materials industry members with the products, services and information they need to grow and prosper. " - from the NAMTA website

NAMTA, the International Art Materials Trade Association,  just finished up last week, with their annual convention in Orlando.  NAMTA has been around now for sixty years, including in its membership retailers, suppliers, and sales representatives.  Each year, there is a set convention for sales, for seminars, displays, new products, and conversation about the goings on in the industry.  This year, Dynasty, part of the FM Brush, Co.  shared its completed goal of developing a synthetic for every line of natural hair as well as encouraged sales of the Black Silver and Faux Kolinsky lines of brushes.

Frederick Mink
On Thursday, Fred Mink, the president and CEO of FM Brush, was honored with a lifetime achievement award from NAMTA.  Think "Oscars" of art materials.  The Lifetime achievement award recognizes those who have had a profound impact on the industry or who have spent much of their lives in the industry.  It is the highest award given by NAMTA. 

Fred Mink left college with a degree in physics and pursued work as a research scientist including some time with NASA for a bit before returning to the family business that his grandfather started with FM Brush in 1969.  Since his return, both of his children and brother have joined the family company.   Mr. Mink has now been in the industry for over 40 years, developing the Dynasty lines, the cosmetic lines and private labeling, as well as pushed the development of synthetic hair brushes and continues to develop brushes for particular media and artists.  Congrats to you, Mr. Mink, it was well deserved.

FM Brush had a wonderful show at NAMTA this year with the award for Mr. Mink and a special champagne toast at the booth to honor his work.  

For more information about NAMTA, refer to their website or Facebook page.

For more information on the larger company of FM Brush, refer to their website: www.fmbrush.com

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